Pediatric Sleep Apnea

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Pediatric Sleep Apnea treatment utilizes orthodontic care to assist in aligning and straightening teeth not only to improve appearance and bite, but to also improve a person’s breathing and sleep patterns. At Sugarbug Dental Suite, we strive to provide our patients with the latest treatments for pediatric sleep apnea.

Sleep Apnea treatment may be used to correct malocclusions that effect jaw formation and proper bite configuration and other orthodontic concerns. Some malocclusions are developed at very early ages by habits such as thumb sucking, mouth breathing and poor tongue positioning. 

  • Things to Watch For: 
    • Tooth alignment - 65% of children have malocclusion (an incorrect bite) caused by irregular teeth 
  • Breathing:
    • When breathing, is your child’s mouth generally open or closed?
    • Does your child breathe through their mouth or their nose?
    • For correct nasal breathing, it is important that the lips are properly closed so that your child can breath easily through the nose. 
  • Jaw growth:
    • Does your child have an excessive overbite or underbite? Along with a deep bite, these issues may influence your child’s breathing and swallowing. 
  • Swallowing:
    • When you child swallows, does their chin purse or their lips move?
    • Does your child frequently choke or gag? 
  • Oral Habits:
    • Cheek or lip biting
    • Grinding/Clenching of the teeth
    • Thumb, finger or pacifier sucking